Custom WP Admin fileds

1) How to install

First we have to download the plug-in from the site. Extract the wordpress plug-in file from downloaded zip file, copy the plug-in folder and paste it in your plug-in folder which is located under wp-content folder on your wordpress installation. Now open the admin blog of your word press theme and login. Click on the plug-in button which is located on left side of your word press dashboard. You will see the list of plug-in with check boxes and activate and edit links, click on the activate link of your plug-in to activate it. Then click on the settings button just below the tools were you will find the list of setting, click on the custom field settings from the list. You will see a custom field page with add new field link and two input fields with fieldname and value. Fill the input fieldname with characters and value with the email_id. Then click on the save changes button just below the input fields. Then echo out the custom field function with the field name as parameter in any page of you site to get the value.

2).How plug-in works.

To create multiple fields with different field name and value, click on add new link, fill the input fields based on your requirements and then click on the save changes button. You can remove the particular fields by clicking the remove link which is located next to the input fields. To check whether it is working or not, go to the current theme folder and open the index.php file, get the value of the fields by echoing out the get statement. Ex: echo getcustomfield (‘Field_name’). This statement will print the value of a particular field name i.e. email_id. We can use this wp-custom-field plug-in to create multiple email fields from the admin panel which allows the user to send the mails to the particular person based on the requirement. For each and every form we can set different email field values so that each form details are checked by the particular person based on the email value set to that form. Like this we can set the multiple custom email fields on the admin side based on the multiple forms.

3).Where we can use.

By default every wordpress installation has only one email field at administrator blog.
Using this plug-in, word press administrator can maintain ‘n’ number of custom field he want. Based on his business logics he can use the value of the custom fields any were in his site. We can assign a particular email address to a particular form so that each and every form is assigned to different admin email id . It provides us with a facility to create ‘n’ number of custom fields which can be used separately for different types of form in our website. We can get the value of the email field from admin side by using function. Ex:“getcustomfield(‘field_name’)” .In the mail function assign the value of this function to ‘$to’ variable on submit which will send the form details to that email address assigned to the $to variable in mail function. Like this we can use as many email fields as we can for a website containing multiple forms.

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