1) How to install

Download the wp-vm-show-tweets plug-in from the wordpress.org site. Extract the downloaded zip file and copy the folder and paste it in your plug-in folder which is located under wp-content folder on your wordpress installation.
Now login into your admin panel of your word press. Click on the plug-in link to see the available Wp Vm Show Tweets plug-in just click on active link to activate this plug-in.
Once it is activated you will find the new link (VM Tweet Plus Settings) under wordpress setting options in the left bottom click on that.
Then you find an interface with lot of options to maintain your twitter account statistics as a custom widget.

2).How plug-in works.

This plug-in will have lot of options where you can design the plug-in as you wish and can see the widget on the fly once set options. You can play with color combinations and a good cache management is available which is again under your control.
With one word we can say it is a simple plug-in under your control.

Have fun
Happy blogging… we respect your suggestions.

DownLoad here

2 Responses to wp-vm-show-tweets

  1. How about making a Widget to put this in your sidebar. If there is one then tell where to find it?

    • Hi Brayn

      There is a custom method “getTweetsPlusWidget()” to get a widget in your template files. Just put this method in your sidebar.php . As of now we cannot add this widget through admin panel sidebars.
      In Next version we are going deliver this option.
      Thanks for your feedback….
      we appreciate you… we respect your suggestions if you have any….


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