WP VM Testimonials Plus

Wp VM Testimonials Plus is wordpress plugin and its free from Vinmatrix team.

Below is the description on how this plugin works and why we use this plugin.

This wp-vm-testimonial plugin allows you to add testimonials by the administrator and the user who visits your site.

And also maintains a separate list for the testimonials added by the user and wait for approval

once approved then it will go the list of testimonials.

Once you collected some testimonials we can have the chance to move some of the testimonials to “Pool” that you like to show in the site.

if you want remove from pool you can and still that will be there in your list of testimonials.

Like this you can maintain your most liked testimonials what to display and what not to display.

You can put User Testimonials form to submit their testimonials. by putting the below shot code in the post or page.


or if you want to put in your own template file use the below method.


Note: This is spam protected form with captcha….

To show your selected Testimonials in the site put the below shot code in the post or page.


or if you want to put in your own template file use the below method.


Definitely it is very useful…

Happy blogging……..

Please provide your feedback on this plugin if you have queries or suggesions we always respect that….

DownLoad here

14 Responses to WP VM Testimonials Plus

  1. Testimonial form looks great however, the captcha imagae doesn’t appear on the site and therefore won’t post a testimony.

    • HI Rick,

      Thanks for using our VM Testimonials Plus.
      Definitely needs to come let us know how can we help u in this regards…
      Let us know the details…

    • Hi Rick,

      We made some fix and can u please test with latest copy of WP VM Testimonials Plus.
      and please let us know if you still facing same problem. you can contact us on support@vinmatrix.com.
      We are here to help you out… happy blogging….

      VM Team

  2. The fade slide effect for your plugin is not working. Isn’t suppose to show one testimonial/review at a time and fade or slide the next one?

    Each testimonial creates a new div called “vm_tm_innerdiv1″, “then vm_tm_innerdiv2″

    I only want one testimonial to show and fade or slide the next one in the same place. Can this be done?


  3. Nevermind. For some reason the widget.php file didn’t have the correct path for the jquery.innerfade.js file. I put the correct path and it works fine!

    Cool plugin by the way!


    • @Shnnon,

      You are right we have fixed that issue, u can check with the latest download..

      thanks for using the plug-in.
      keep posting ur comments are our plug-ins.
      Some more use full plug-ins on the way…..
      Happy blogging,….

  4. Hi,

    I like to use testimonials for different products and services using one product/service per blog page but when using the testimonial plugin the submitted testimonial does not say from what page it was submitted so I cant see what product/service the testimonial applies to.

    Do you think you can add this kind of feature or include the name of the page from which the testimonial was submitted?



    • Hi Henrik,

      This plug-in will maintain bunch of testimonials and displays in the blog page or a post.
      here we cannot associate a testimonial to blog post.
      if you really need this please contact us on support@vinmtrix.com. vinmatrixtech@gmail.com
      So we can create a custom plug-in for you, which suites for business need…
      Hopes this sense..

      Happy blogging…

      Vinmatrix Team.

  5. Just installed your plugin. Great functionality but if you look at the website link, you will see that the layout is a disaster.

    I have pasted [VM-Testimonials-Widget] into a new page to create this webpage. Is this correct? As the testimonials are squashed into a narrow width I have tried creating a widget (using [VM-Testimonials-Widget]). Nothing displayed in the sidebar.

    How can I remedy this, please?

  6. Hi Richard,

    please use the method getVMTestimonialsWeidget() in your respective sidebar.php file.
    And the shotcode [VM-Testimonials-Widget] will work only post pages.

    let us know if you need anything.
    if you require any service pl contact us… definitely will gives u the solution..

    VM Team

  7. Sorry but your instructions state ” To show your selected Testimonials in the site put the below shot code in the post or page”.


    Is this incorrect?

    • Sorry but having followed your instructions and created a post but still the same situation arises. Please refer to website link to see error.


      • I had to edit the wp-vm-testimonials-plus/widget.php file to change the width.
        For some reason, the settings did not adjust the width.

        I found:

        <div id="vm_tm_innerdiv” style=”width:240px;”>

        Changed it to:

        <div id="vm_tm_innerdiv” style=”width:600px;”>

        And it fit right in where I wanted it and the size is just right for me.

        Hope that helps.

  8. I’m having the same problem as Shannon above. For some reason the the fade slide effect for your plugin is not working. Since I have the latest version, I’m assuming is a problem with the theme I’m using. The testimonials show in a sequential list.

    I’m placing the shortcut [VM-Testimonials-Widget] inside a “Text” widget that I drag inside the widget area that comes with the them.

    Any suggestions?

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